Solar Products

Portable Power Quality Analyser

This portable remote solar analyser is a remote measuring device (wireless connection) for solar panels and solar strings. It can measure all the critical parameter of a single or multiple set of solar panels. These collected parameters and data are available on the device display as well as it can be sent in real-time to the master device which will assemble all network parameters. The device is extreme easy to use and setup because it just requires to be assigned with a role in the network. It can measure heterogeneous energies and power: solar, electrical loads, generators, storage systems, multiple grid connections, UPS, inverters etc. The device is multilingual with a customized display, choosing which values display in rotation in the lower part and rotating it 90 ° in relation to the comfort of reading.

Field of Use

This device is a high-performance device aimed to measure and test solar sets within a measuring network. With its flexible technology it can –

  • Measure and store local ambient and panels temperatures.
  • Measure and store local solar irradiation.
  • Measure and store local wind speed (anemometer is optional).
  • Measure DC generated voltage, current, energy and power.
  • Calculate local efficiency parameter of the single panels or string of panels.
  • Send real-time data to master device.
  • Perform single set CEI 8225 test.